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Some interviews and articles I've appeared in:

Pattern tutorial for Tuts Plus, 2015

"You can draw any number of animals but I suggest having at least four or five to work with, otherwise you'll have a difficult time with the layout later on. The more variety you have, the less challenging it will be to not have motifs repeating next to each other."

Article for Pattern Observer, 2015

"I spent February 10th to 12th in Paris, walking the Premiere Vision print show. It was my first print show, and I wanted to share some impressions from the event, since I know lots of designers consider walking or exhibiting at print shows at some point."

Interview with Artists Vs Distributors blog, 2015

"My name is Lidija but I sign my art as Celandine. I make patterns that are so elaborate and complex they sometimes resemble seamlessly repeating illustrations. I get very excited about bridging that gap between illustration and pattern."

Interview for Prints on Wood, 2014

"We asked Lidija about her about growing up in the Eastern Bloc, her incredibly detailed floral patterns, and the legacy of Nikola Tesla. Much to our surprise, the answers we got back from her were so deeply layered with culture and wisdom, you'd think you were reading a Vice article."

Interview for Golden Boy Press, 2014

“Hi! My name is Lidija and I draw under the name of Celandine. I live in Belgrade, Serbia, which is less exotic than it probably sounds. I have a very non-arty day job and a bouncy toddler at home, so I usually draw under the veil of the night. Kind of like Batman, only with florals.”

Interview for Sareka Unique blog, 2015

"So basically my advice for young artists is, enjoy the fact that you’re not there yet. Go slowly, take the scenic route. You can’t get years of experience overnight. It’s ok for it to come slowly. You are getting better. Give yourself time. But never stop working on it."

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