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Things I do

- I license existing artwork to clients who want to use it on their products

- I create custom pieces in line with clients' needs

- I do freelance production work relating to patterns - repeats, scale adjustments, colorways, etc. 


A lot of my existing work is available for licensing - available pieces are marked in the portfolio. If you'd like a quote for using one of my designs on your product, just fill out my licensing form, or send an email to lidija (at) celandinedesign (dot) com.

Custom Commissions

If you would like me to create a unique pattern for your brand, using your preferred motifs and colorways, tell me a bit more about your project using my commission form, or send your reference materials to lidija (at) celandinedesign (dot) com.

Production Work

I do freelance pattern production work - creating or improving repeats, developing colorways in line with trends, color indexing, etc, at a fixed rate of 50$ per hour. Let me know what you need using my production form, or write to lidija (at) celandinedesign (dot) com.

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