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Talk to me!

You can also skip the form and write to me at lidija (at) celandinedesign (dot) com. 

Reasons you might want to send me a message:

- You want to commission me to create a unique piece of artwork for you, or to license some of my existing art to use on your products. 

- You would like to buy items with my designs on them, and you're interested if any are out there. (They are). 

- You want to ask me how I make my pieces, or you'd like to do an interview with me for your magazine or blog. 

- You want to know if I teach digital painting and pattern design. (I do). 

- You just want to say 'Hi'. 

At least one of these is bound to apply! Don't be shy, send me a note. 

Press info

If you'd like to do an interview with me, I'm probably up for it. Even if your blog has a total of four and a half readers. 

Just send me a bit of information about yourself and your blog or magazine, and you can also include a list of questions you'd like me to answer. If you'd like to do a spoken interview we can schedule a Skype conversation. 

You can find some photos of me here

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